Reusable, Friendly, Safe and Cost effective Solutions for packaging:

SCINNTC offers the entire gamut of packing and returnable packaging solutions for entire Industry segment. The highly globalized vehicle industry takes advantage of advanced manufacturing, development, and logistics flows, but its complexity requires a variety of packaging materials. Without the right packaging solutions, product could get damaged during shipment, and transport costs could get out of control. At Scinntc, create customized packaging and shipping solutions in order to protect the products while minimizing costs. Scinntc specializes in designing and manufacturing the interiors of these containers, and even the containers themselves. We will work with you to provide an ideal solution for your packaging needs. To safely hold the product that is being shipped, we use specialised steel, corrugated boxes plastic, special foams and other materials to create a solution which is long lasting, collapsible and return worthy. Thus our returnable packaging is secure, cost-efficient and Go Green!