Synchronized Supply Chain:

Supply Chain Synchronization is fast becoming the most important goal in developing higher levels of supply chain competitive advantage. Dimensions which are critical for Synchronised supply chain are:

1. People Communication, Co-Ordination & Education
2. Complete Process and Delivery Timing
3. Product/Information Linking
4. Order Timing and Unitization
5. Information Movement and Synchronization
6. Process Exception Monitoring and Reporting
7. Physical Movement and Modal Optimization
8. Dynamic Process Adjustment and Optimization

Supply chain synchronization is the ability to coordinate, organize and manage end-to-end supply chain flows – including products, services, information and financials – in such a way that the supply chain functions as a single entity. In other words, it is a shared objective for supply chain members who are willing to work together to determine how best to perform the overall activities and tasks that are required to meet customer demand. Visibility and collaboration are two of the essential ingredients in the synchronization recipe. They play a significant role in managing demand uncertainties and positively impacting a firm’s inventory positions and time to market. Each of these factors is discussed in the following sections

The Role of Visibility in a Synchronized Supply Chain Visibility is the key to effective planning and efficient operations. It is more than just a tactical supply chain issue; it has profound strategic implications for the entire organization. Visibility enables all supply chain members to easily see and manage the end-to-end flow of products, services and information in real time or near real time as needed. True visibility is present when supply chain members can do this in concert across their existing technology platforms. Visibility involves seamless integration such that access to all types of information enables the supply chain to execute as if it were a single “virtual” entity. The type of information that is accessible ranges from inventory in transit or on hand, work in progress, as well as product availability all the way through to the status of an order.

SCINNTC design consultants specialises in area of data analysis , design , develop forward looking supply chain models which will ensure that all dots of the supply chain are aptly connected. The consultants also have the ability to also connect the missing link and synchronise the supply efficiency that meet the industries / customers supply chain demands which is sustainable for longer period of time.